Dr Zigs

Doggy Bubbles


Hours of fun!!

Doggie Bubble Kit - Make amazing scented Giant Bubbles to play with your best friend! INTERACTIVE PLAY - Promotes bonding with pets. Your dog will love to chase and pop these big bubbles! The Peanut Butter smell will be a delight for small and large puppies. Chasing bubbles can become a fun game and it helps to release extra energy which can be more relaxing in the home. PROMOTES HEALTH - Being active with your pet can help to develop better habits. Bubble toys can get a doggy running around increasing heart health, agility, improving balance and coordination as well as creating a stronger attachment. Popping bubbles is a great form of exercise and fun! 100% SAFE - Our unique formula is created with safety in mind. Nontoxic, vegan and contains no nuts! These Bubbles Are safe for people and animals. Concentrated solution is fully biodegradable and bottle is recyclable. No need to worry if doggies get a little taste of mix.

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